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About Us

Intralife Consulting exists to make people’s lives better through use of technology. We help people identify how technology can facilitate their ideal living environment. With over 30 years of experience designing the use of technology in homes, we have seen firsthand what creates harmony and what causes frustration. We want to help you design the most simplistic and efficient system of technology geared to your ideal living environment. Simply put, we believe technology should be serving you, not the other way around.​

Intralife Consulting understands that network infrastructure is the most critical component for making home technology function well. We believe that homes should have the same stable and secure network that you expect to find in an office. In an era where homes are absorbing more and more of our activities such as work, school, virtual gathering, and entertainment, we are incredibly dependent on our network.

We recognize the shift in our industry; home technology products are moving to an increasingly network-driven 802.x platform. Practically, this means that everything is communicating over your home network over WiFi and hard ethernet cables. We want to help homeowners make the most of this trend through a stable home network that will allow them full expandability into all network-based home technology.

We believe what truly sets us apart is that we are not partnered or affiliated with any product brand or manufacturer. Our goal is to help you decide what technology you want to use, and we help you hook it up. Do you want to buy a new smart garage opener from Amazon? Or a smart thermostat from Best Buy? Or smart appliances from Home Depot? Great! We will help you pick out and hook it up.

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